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Members and other organisations within the sector can submit a job vacancy.

Positions are listed on our Job Vacancies hub and promoted in a weekly newsletter to our membership (Philanthropy Weekly)Member and Associate organisations will also have their listings shared on Twitter.


If the answer is yes to one of these statements, then more than likely your position will be listed on our site:

  • It is a position at a philanthropic foundation
  • It is a position within a corporate community investment program
  • It is a position in the not-for-profit sector
  • It is with an organisation that is engaging in philanthropic activity (including volunteering, pro bono, etc).

If you are unsure, complete the steps below and Philanthropy Australia will make an decision as to whether the position is relevant and let you know.

Fees (incl GST)

  • Member: Free
  • Associate: $75.00
  • Subscriber/non-member: $200.00

Payment is required before the job listing is published. Payment terms are 7 days from receipt of invoice.​

Please complete the form below and you'll recieve an invoice in 1-3 business days. Invoices are manually created - we cross check your organisation against our database to ensure you're charged the correct amount.

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